Collection Henri Mazelier / 2012

A premium collection produced exclusively in Thiers.
Henri Mazelier’s debut knife collection includes a clasp model in its repertoire: Le Fermant de Table, a veritable oxymoron of the genre, with a design that cuts to the heart of the function by smoothing and softening the form.
Also an exclusive model: the sheath-capped Le Katana, conceived to offer an original form of protection, but also right at home in the dining room, alone, in a duo, or more as desired. Especially with its sheath that serves double duty as… a knife rest!
The two cheese knives, the Petit Couteau à Fromage and Grand Couteau à Fromage.The two models offer a unique magnetism that allows them to preside with elegance over the display and convivial serving of cheeses. The Henri Mazelier cheese platter is a must-have option, a companion to the knives that in no way prevents them from living their own independent lives.

Responsable du projet : Laurent Vermeglio
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